Asset Identification &
UID Program Implementation

Camcode Global helps organisations comply with or set-up asset tracking programs. From our roots as a barcode label manufacturer, everything we do is centered around data integrity; meaning that each asset is tracked with a permanent, globally unique identifier. We offer a full suite of products and services to help organisations establish or comply with asset tracking programs.

We have experience implementing these military asset tracking programs:

See Industries section for our non-military asset tracking experience.

Our Methodology

It is all about the data. Camcode Global has marked over three million assets in 15 countries, including on-site marking in active warzones. Click the products or services below to learn how to get you (and keep you) in compliance.

UID Compliance For military Suppliers

Do you supply products a NATO country?

You may be required to comply with a UID policy (e.g. Def Stan 05-132, Def 1000C, STANG 2290, MIL-STD-130, etc.).  

Search to see if your product type has an approved marking specification: 

 If a marking specification already exists for your asset, you can order labels. If not, ask us to develop a new specification.


Policy Development

Camcode Global has helped author item-unique identification programs in the United Kingdom, Australia and for NATO. We have physically marked and registered over three million assets across 1,000 NSNs in 15 countries. Writing or simply complying with a military or non-military asset tracking program involves understanding data structure rules, approved marking methods and data registration. Let us help your organization quickly and easily comply or create an item-unique asset tracking program.

Policy Compliance

Our library of approved marking specifications helps to maintain consistency, compliance and longevity of asset identification by memorializing how each asset type is to be marked. Our engineers leverage a robust suite of durable asset identification technologies including Metalphoto®, RFID and direct part marking. Engineered marking specifications maintain compliance by documenting optional marking method for each asset type. Marking specs include where the mark will be placed and how it will be attached. Look up a marking specification for yoru asset.

Audit & Data Cleansing

Let our teams reconcile your existing data/property books with your physical assets to create a clean data file before marking. The deliverable is a clean data file reconciled with actual inventory to identify gaps on an item-by-item basis and, when necessary, new item-unique identifiers that comply with our ISO9001 certified data management system to verify uniqueness and compliance with any standard.


Camcode Global teams install labels on a wide variety of asset types in many locations worldwide, including active warzones. Our process enables installation teams to quickly and accurately locate, label and document the marking of assets. Camcode Global also has extensive experience managing on-site manufacturing. This solution may be suited for demanding applications with very short lead times, which require on the spot manufacturing of labels. In addition to durable laser marked materials, Camcode Global’s on-site manufacturing capabilities also allow for direct part marking applications. The mobility of the marking equipment provides for multiple solutions to meet every need.



To maintain data integrity, we verify the installation of each mark. If an asset cannot receive its assigned mark, the orphan label is documented and destroyed. Verification can be done by our teams during installation or by your own labor using our installation software. Additional data fields such as location, status, type, value or vendor can be appended to any asset during this stage.

Leverage Your Data

Beyond compliance, item-unique tracking programs improve uptime by linking each unique item with an unlimited dataset of asset-specific data such as location, ownership, repair history and maintenance instructions. Using an asset management application, you can update and report out real-time status information. Beyond operational efficiency, item-unique identification can be used to comply with a variety of other policies including International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).


Demonstrated Results

As the primary Unique Item Identification (UID) implementation partner for NATO, Camcode Global has implemented item-unique tracking programs for the UK Ministry of Defence, Australian Defence Force and several non-military organisations. Camcode Global has marked over three million assets in 15 countries, including on-site marking in active warzones.

For the first time in more than 40 years, the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence (UK MoD) granted a new standard issue handgun for British forces. The Glock G17 9mm pistol replaced the Browning 9mm pistol, which was in service since 1967. The Glock was found to be lighter, faster, more accurate and had a larger magazine capacity than the Browning. For these reasons, it was important to get the pistols into the field quickly and efficiently. However, prior to distribution, each Glock must be uniquely identified.

Number of Glock G17 Pistols Camcode Global Must Mark
Number of Glocks Camcode Global Can Mark at One Time


Minutes it Takes Camcode Global to Mark 10 Glocks


We work with organizations across the globe, from private firms to government entities, to help them to successfully understand and implement item-unique tracking systems.



Camcode Global can help guide defence contractors through all phases of military standards compliance to ensure accurate support of military organizations.



Camcode Global works with a nation state to understand its goals for establishing a UID policy, implementation strategy and marking requirements.



Camcode Global helps sells durable barcode labels and other identification technologies to help organizations manage their assets and comply with item-unique tracking requirements.

Warehouse & Logistics

Camcode Global works with clients to identify and mark equipment in their warehouse. This includes marking thousands of Government Furnished Property (GFP) assets for companies like Leidos in the UK or marking weapons for the Australian ADF in their Joint Logistics Units. Our team identify each asset with a unique barcode label and then affix a packaging label to the outside of the container to reduce equipment inventory checks. Read our Warehouse & Logistics Case Study

Energy And Utility

Linking equipment to item-unique barcodes automates a variety of financial, maintenance and regulatory reporting processes. Through a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), utilities and energy producers can track an unlimited data set of asset-specific information such as location, ownership, repair history and maintenance instructions. Read our Energy & Utility Case Study

Medical Device Marking

Tracking medical equipment and hospital assets is an essential part of efficient and cost-effective patient care. Metalphoto labels are ANSI/AAMI ST79 certified not fade or harbor bacteria over multiple sterilization cycles. Read our Medical Device Marking Case Study

Aircraft and Shipbuilding

Aircraft & Shipboard identification plates and signs provide safety notices, warnings, operation instructions, procedures, and many other critical crew information. Let Camcode Global help you identify right material(s) for your aerospace or marine application. Read our Aircraft & Shipbuilding Case Study

Firearm & Law Enforcement

Firearm tracking reduces liability and increases accountability by automating weapon assignment, maintenance tracking and reporting to comply with regulations such as ATF, ITAR, UID and others. Camcode Global provides the products and services any law enforcement agency or firearm manufacturer needs to establish a tracking program including asset marking, installation services and customized tracking software. Read our Firearm & Law Enforcement Case Study

Trusted the World Over

Defence organizations must solve logistics problems and comply with asset tracking standards and policies that are difficult to understand. Our services are custom tailored to each organisation based on its specific program requirements.

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