Def Stan 05-132

History and Overview

The United Kingdom Ministry of Defence (UK MoD) established Defence Standardization (Def Stan) 05-132 based on the U.S. Department of Defense’s (DoD) Military Standard 130 (MIL-STD-130) requirement for Unique Identification (UID). Simply put, Def Stan 05-132 establishes the standard for UID of the UK MoD’s entire defence inventory. Def Stan 05-132 includes specific information on the Unique Item Identifier’s (UII) data matrix construction, as well as standards regarding what items to mark, the location and structure of the UID mark, and how to properly register the item in the UID registry database.

In addition to developing a UID standard, Def Stan 05-132 enables the UK’s compliance with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and Defense Trade Co-operation Treaty (DTCT) requirements through accurate and automatic reporting.

Def-Stan 05-132 Use Cases

No one knows more about Def Stan 05-132 than Camcode Global. We assisted the UK MoD in writing and establishing this UID policy. In addition, we are the UK MoD’s enabling contract holder, supporting the UK MoD and its industrial suppliers to implement UID and meet Def Stan 05-132.

Camcode Global is your project manager for Def Stan 05-132. After detailed consultations, we help you generate and manage UII data, and develop custom engineered solutions to properly identify, mark, install, and register items in accordance with Def Stan 05-132.

Through UID identification and Def Stan 05-132, we’ll help you manage an item’s status, history, repair, configuration and warranty information, as well as increase accuracy and efficiency during the receipting, issuing and stocktaking of marked items. Camcode Global will help you discover how UID can help those tasked with managing equipment and status reporting improve timesaving and accuracy.