Stanag 2290

History and Overview

Standardization Agreement (STANAG) 2290 is NATO’s standard for the Unique Identification of items (UID) using a Unique Item Identifier (UII) for NATO and participating nations. Similar to the U.S. Department of Defense’s (DoD) Military Standard 130 (MIL-STD-130), STANAG 2290 details the uniform structure for the UII and offers guidance on identification marking and data matrix machine-readable information (MRI) content. To put it simply, STANAG 2290 provides details on both the construction of the UII and the marking of items with a UII. Under STANAG 2290, participating nations must each develop and maintain a registry or database of UII data, which includes component data elements such as original part number and serial number. Participating nations must also establish and support policies that describe the use of UID in marking, item registration, and revisions or updates to information. It should be noted that UID and STANAG 2290 do not replace the NATO Codification System, which is the official program under which NATO equipment components and parts of the military supply systems are uniformly named, described, classified, and assigned a NATO Stock Number. This information is used as a key identifier within NATO logistic information systems.

STANAG 2290 Use Cases

With Unique Identification (UID) and Standardization Agreement (STANAG) 2290, participating NATO nations can accurately manage assets, increase accountability, reduce loss, and decrease inventory time and effort. Camcode Global has worked with numerous nations looking to implement UID programs and STANAG 2290. We understand every aspect of the policy and have experience assisting both contractors and nations to comply with this NATO standard. From start to finish, Camcode Global can help you create and manage UII data, as well as identify, mark and register items to meet STANAG 2290. We can even assist in the development of policies that define ongoing execution of UID programs. Camcode Global is your resource for STANAG 2290 compliance and UID asset management solutions.

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